Thursday, 5 September 2019

...our immediate future...!

It's about 4am on Thursday morning and it all seems to be going maybe too well for Boris - as most of the MPs, both tory and labour panic as the roof to their comfortable existence is ripped opened to show the voter once again how utterly irrelevant their politically incestuous lives have become under the Westminster bubble…  
And Jeremy Corbyn is, for Boris, the perfect opponent (and beyond satire) as the paper maiche, 1970’s  ‘commie’ hurrying home to sort through his manhole covers… while all the old, established Tory MPs conveniently throw themselves under Boris’ famously over satirised bus – and so out of the political future… because it’s really all about the inevitable general election now lurching, in a matter of weeks, down the autobahn…and Boris will sleepwalk this election as it will be fought on all the awful deals Brussels will now force onto the UK, via the moderate Quislings MP’s who now imagine they are saving the country from itself…!

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