Saturday, 13 October 2018

Populism by any other still fascism..!

The world is being engulfed by fascism as complete as in the Thirties. Here I’d better give my definition of fascism, because under its swaying umbrella, I include communism - any total, top-down political control such as happened in the communism of Mao and Stalin, who went on to slaughter more of their own citizens than Hitler ever managed.
Fascism to me, is any regime where all the significant decisions are made by one individual at the top and the people are expected to accept his/her opinion on everything of significance - and if they demur, the best they can hope for is to end up in some prison camp – while control of the media; TV, the press, books and films will lie with a Goebbels like acolyte.
But these dictators do not appear from nowhere to take over a country, they need the support of a majority of the people, in fact, they are only articulating the desires and the longings of the masses. And already China, Russia, Turkey and Venezuela, to name but a few - have Great Leaders in place while in the West, in the United States and the United Kingdom, unintentionally maybe, they are already preparing for him in the universities - the only real source of intellectual empowerment for the nation, with strongly organised movements against freedom of speech…and these populist movement are now going from strength to strength in the West, getting the support of many politicians and even some political parties: in the United Kingdom, the Labour Party is already half way down this familiar old road to nowhere…
If you cancel debate and free speech, you turn any so-called democracy towards a single state with a single leader, the stifling and curtailing of meritocracy leads, quite inevitably, to dictatorship! It will also lead, equally inevitably, to a new dark age where ignorant, mullah like, cretins will control and regulate everything.
I am unlikely to live to see this happening, but the future, which comes out of the past, seems to be going in this direction – making it, maybe, an inevitable outcome – and with the concealed support of Big Business, now as powerful as many medium sized states, meritocracy will bite the dust – and with it any hope not only for ourselves – but also the planet’s survival.