Saturday, 16 April 2011

Two similar jokes..!

A man says to his wife, "Look, our sex life has got a bit boring. I think we should try something different..!"
"What have you got in mind?" she asks, rather doubtfully.
"Well one of my mates was telling me about the wheelbarrow - you get down on all fours and then I get behind and pick your back legs up and we take it from there...".
"Well, I'm not sure," says the wife, "I mean, we're not going to pass my mum's house, are we..?"

Two men discussing sex and one asks, "Have you tried the Rodeo position..?"
The other admits he hasn't and asks what it is.
"Well," said the other, " You get your wife to go down on all fours and you get behind her and catch her breasts."
"So why is it called the Rodeo position..?" asks the other, plainly puzzled.
"Oh, you tell her they feel just like her sisters, and then you try to stay on for eight second..!"

Thursday, 14 April 2011

I know it was nothing I said...!

Linguistic researchers in South America, studying a dying tribal dialect, report being very frustrated as the very last two remaining members of the tribe are refusing to speak to each other..!

It is not know why they fell out...