Saturday, 23 July 2011

At the end, all he could kill were trees..!

Kaiser Bill, the one who fired Bismark because he wasn't keen enough on attacking his neighbours - the one who had six thousand natives murdered in South West Africa because he didn't like them - the one who dragged everyone else into the First World War and subsequently lost it; as a punishment for all those millions of deaths, was loaned an nice estate in Belgium by Audrey Hepburn's family, to live out his exile.

Now that he could no longer have people killed, what did he do..? He killed trees.

Yes, every morning he went out with an estate worker and cut down trees. Just cut down trees. He didn't care what kind of tree or where they were, he just had to cut them down. In other words, he could not live without killing living things.

Now there's an argument against dynastic succession if ever there was one...!

Saturday, 9 July 2011


Rebeka Brooks – How does she survive..????

Simple..! She has proof somewhere that James Murdoch at the very least – maybe even Rupert, knew about the criminal phone hacking when it was going on. That can be the only reason they have not thrown her to the police...!

Maybe she even, heavens forfend - told David Cameron all about it on one of their many trots across the Cotswold.