Thursday, 9 June 2011

Say what you like about Adolf, but he knew how to do a good wedding..!

Weddings are big business nowadays - but sometimes an informal wedding under difficult circumstances, can often somehow end up with that special pizazz...! Take Hitler's; he insisted on organising it himself, not only because he was a control freak, but I suppose, after getting the Second World War so wrong, against all the odds, he wanted something right to go out on - and it did go with a certain zing.

In the morning he had his brother-in-law shot (I suppose he was trying to clear the succession), then he poisoned his dog. It was a big German Shepherd - well it wouldn't be a Polish or an Italian Shepherd, would it..? and anyway he didn't really like big dogs, actually preferred chihuahuas but Goebbels said they'd never look right on top of a Tiger tank.

Then they got married, him and Eva. It was a simple on-site civil ceremony with a local notary - had to be because even if he'd been inclined, the Russians had already turned Berlin Cathedral into a branch of Kwikfit.

Then the personal bit - and you can't argue against it as a solution to marriage apathy - he got to poison his wife and lose the war, before shooting himself! Come on! Adolf, honeymoons aren't that bad..!

And it was Fuhrer weather - a beautiful day; which says that weather as an omen isn't necessarily reliable - but the kicker was; on the confirmation of the his death - do you know the first thing everyone did. They all lit up! Yes, they passed the fags round...

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