Friday, 12 October 2012


In Europe, after the end of the Second World War, conventional politics had as its main goal, the permanent prevention of German militarism. Out of this came first; the Iron and Steel Federation which eventually became The Common Market - a United Europe.

The one idea behind this United Europe was to tie the countries of Europe so closely together, intertwined politically, commercially and socially, they could never go to war with each other. This was their uninspired and superficial reading of history. But anybody who was there, or anybody who experienced Europe immediately after the Second World War, knew that the Germans would never go to war again in Europe.

This was not a secret. After the dreadful crimes of the Second World War came to light and after the Allied occupation of Germany - we are talking here particularly of the Russian occupation of Germany, the new German, the young German was an entirely different person from his father and grandfather.

Europe did need an integration, but an integration based on its future needs; trade, trade and more trade without boundaries. Here we are not talking about unregulated capitalism but a capitalism regulated but unlimited.

Instead we have the EU, a Europe constructed to meet a problem that was already history and would always be history. That is one of the reasons it’s in such a mess. The priorities were wrong because the mission was misplaced. We need a Europe which is all about trade and not about culture or history or social integration. If that comes it will come piecemeal and in its own time...

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