Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day…

It is not strange, that as people get older, they get more impatient and bad tempered. This is simply because, as the years pass, we see the same mistakes and the same responses tried over and over again - and as the years pass we make the same mistakes and we try the same responses over and over again.

In Connecticut, in that school in Newtown, we have a 20-year-old who first shot his mother and then went on to shoot about 20 kids and half a dozen schoolteachers - and the National Rifle Association says the answer is a good guy with a gun to shoot the bad guy with the gun. What about a safer simple solution where neither the good guy or the bad guy has a gun. Then nobody gets shot.

I am so glad Christmas is over. I am so glad the Olympics are over, Oh and the Paralympics and the Jubilee and Williams marriage to Kate and the news of her pregnancy and also all about her morning sickness. Thank God they're all over.

The only thing I found of any interest in all this was the nurse who killed herself after transferring a hoax call through to the ward. She didn't answer the phone in the ward and give out the private information, she simply put the call through, so I would say it was bleeding obvious that she did not commit suicide because of the call she put through but rather she was so bullied afterwards in the hospital that she killed herself as a direct result of this bulling and persecution.

By the way, I no longer type much but rather dictate using Dragon software - and if it works for me, with my Highland Scottish accent, it'll work for you.

By by…