Saturday, 12 November 2016

Why we should now move to south east Spain – or to the Highlands of Scotland!

The only certainty we’ve ever had, are of the laws of physics - and they’re not too certain anymore - as they evidently now change with time! But, never mind that, as everything else is a consequence, intended or otherwise - of these workings of the laws of physics.

About 60 million years ago, the dinosaur was the top species, huge and angry they roamed around stamping on or eating everything that moved (according to the Hollywood version of history). Then a large comet appeared from nowhere and plunged into the sea just off the Yucat√°n Peninsula in Mexico - and that was that for the dinosaurs! We humans soon replaced them as the top species because we had the three necessary attributes… thumbs and an insatiable greed.

Now, 60 million years on, it’s time for us to go - because we are, literally, destroying the very planet we govern! And who is going to manage this?
Well, nothing new here, folks - just the usual combination of the past and the future (which is just a clumsy description of Time itself). And how are they going to do it? Through the good offices of an angry, psycho, 12-year-old boy who has now come into his wildest fantasy, controlling (as near absolutely) the most powerful nation on this benighted planet - with the nuclear elimination of the species just a button push away!

Of course, I’m talking here about ‘The Donald’. And who must we thank for his elevation to the highest office??? - THE Liberal Elite, of course – who’ve effectively governed us for the last six decades or so …and to an angry public’s reaction to them - to all these self-righteous, totally unselfish and altruistic gnomes who whilst spouting the most socialist (and sadly unworkable) principles of equality and fair play – make sure their access to caviar, Cadillacs...etc…etc... remains uninterrupted.

So, better move to south east Spain – as Donald’s (present) wife, quite likes it here…or the Highlands of Scotland – where his mother* comes from and he’s got golf courses there!

*…why do you think he’s called, ‘Donald’ …and he could also be the first ELECTED Fascist since you-know-who, in 1933!

Friday, 11 November 2016