Friday, 13 June 2014


Hitler and the Nazis overriding ambition was to produce a nation of  blond, blue eyed Nordic supermen - yet to their followers it never seemed incongruous that their supreme leaders, spouting this lethal nonsense, were such a collection of ugly, badly bred (according to their own tenets), trolls.

Hitler was a flatulent racked, ugly, distinctly non-blond gnome (and probable the final irony, had a Jewish grandmother).
Himmler,drop-jawed and sow-mouthed was yet another slack bodied, non-blond, non blue-eyed shuffling cadaver - but with an admittedly impressive background in the Nazis favourite  science;  eugenics - he'd been a chicken farmer.

Goebbels was a clubfooted weakling, again as dark as they came in eye and hair - while Goring, probably the most Nordic of them all, was an overly obese, mentally ill (been sectioned several times in Sweden, between the wars), chronic drug addict.

Did no one in the millions of chanting, gurning, Nordic supermen who turned up to parade in all their blonde glory, ever, for a moment, objectively compare all this incandescent rubbish against these essential outcasts - and the primary sources of all this fantastic guff..?

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