Sunday, 29 June 2014


The non-election, election of Juncker as president of the EU spells its end as we know it. It will unravel to a northern bloc or federation of countries such as Germany, France, Holland, Poland and the new ex Soviet countries from the eastern bloc. 

Juncker's non-election will also confirm the seeming inevitability of the rest of Britain voting to leave the EU in 2017, after Scotland goes for independence in September 2014 and then applies to join the EU.

So after 2017, the new UK (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) will vote to leave the EU. This will start a ripple effect where the main Latin countries, Spain, Portugal – and maybe Italy, will also go, along with Greece and Ireland.

Politics in the new UK will also change radically as the withdrawal of Scotland's 40 permanent Labour MPs from Westminster will give the new UK an apparent permanent Tory majority – except that the Tory party, like the Republican party in the States, is already in the process of breaking into two distinct political groups, the Metropolitan business elite based on London and the Home Counties and a reactionary far right from the further regions of the country –  just like the Tea Party in the USA.

Labour is already starting to disappear with the demise of industry and an official working class and mortally infected by the poisoness legacy of Tony Blair (the surface socialist who 'didn't do God' while a secret right wing catholic obsessed with money). So three new political grouping will emerge; a metropolitan right based in London and the south east. A politically further right Tea Party  from the shires - and a liberal centre left from greater London, the Midlands and the North.

These new groupings will then cry out for a new Adolph, a new demagogue to emerge – probably in the figure of Boris Johnson, who'd combine elements of the Metropolitan Right with the far Right from the rest of the country...a lethal combination with the worsening social situation throughout Britain and Europe as economic and so political power inevitably moves rapidly east to India and China – in other words, the kaka is soon going to start seriously hitting the whirling blades...

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