Tuesday, 28 May 2019

There is a broad, right wing movement, crawling across (sweeping is too final) many countries in the West now, as traditional, old-time politics appears to have lost relevance with many voters. These right-wing movements, from Trump to Marie Le Pen to that guy in Hungary, are often seen and classified as 'populist' movement, where populism is a handy expression when closer definitions are intellectually impossible! Because populism has, since its invention in the nineteenth century, worn many hats - from the extreme right to the extreme left - and the only thing they all have had in common, is that populism, while always claiming to be the voices of the people, are always all top-down hierarchies.
What worries me now is the background to all this, where not only are we systematically destroying other species, but also, to ensure our survival in an overpopulated world, the introduction of eugenics may soon become unarguable - not in my time (I was going to say, "...not in my time, thank God" - but he's already been effectively swallowed up and spat out by surging science, like all the other unconvincing therapies that limped us through the last two millennium).
So, to young people everywhere, I can only say; be bright enough, tall enough, fit enough and white enough, not to end up on THE LIST.

And at least, Adolf will stop spinning in his grave....