Sunday, 20 May 2018

Where's that meteorite when you need it...???

Jeremy Clarkson in today's Sunday Times talks about the most critical and profound problem facing us bipeds (humans) - that we're rapidly running out of food and water...!
At the beginning of the 19th century (about the time of the battle of Waterloo) there were approx. one billion humans on earth. Now there are seven and a half and in another thirty years, about ten
billion - and we hardly have the food or fresh water for them now!

Why isn't this mentioned at all - because it's simply unmentionable as there is no practical solution - if we start euthanizing people (and it will always be – THEM…!) …they will immediately start euthanizing us and NIMBY* will really come into its own…!

So where's that meteorite – the one that did for the dinosaurs - when you need it...?

*Not In My Back Yard