Sunday, 19 April 2020

The suspicious origins of the coronavirus...

So the coronavirus 'escaped' from a government-funded lab in Communist China, to spread quickly throughout the rest of China and then the world.
Wonder is it the next, new step in the Chinese government's attempts to limit its population - after the failure of their earlier, 'one child per family' policy? - as the coronavirus ideally (for them) kills mostly the old and the ill.
And the consequences of its spread in the rest of the planet will be dire. In the 'West' with the direct consequence of wrecked economies and millions unemployed, I can see Populism spreading rapidly (Populisms the new name for Fascism). We have it already in the States, with Donald Trump - in Russia with Vladimir Putin, and in Hungary & Turkey amongst other countries - while waiting in the wings are other would-be Mussolinis - the Le Pen's in France for eg...and now with animals & fish farmed in their trillions, for our tables - why not farm the old and ill bipeds as well?
The NAZI's tried it with the sick and mentally ill (as well as the Jews, of course)'s called eugenics and with an ever increasing elderly & ill population, it's an economic issue that's got to be faced...!
Thank god, I'm not a politician...!
(Oh, and, by the way, I'll be 84 soon...

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