Saturday, 28 September 2019

It's coming to an end - the three year impasse enjoyed by the UK!

The present impasse in Westminster comes from, I think, the uncertainty on both sides about the outcome of a second referendum! The Remainders know they have the money but not the votes while the Leavers are confident they have the vote, but are afraid that in the acerbic run-up to a Second Referendum, the Remainders will use the vast money available to them to scare the voter into voting Remain!
This is why Boris wants a general election - because a general election, he sees, will oblige the Remainders to separate into the several political camps which will then start to do battle with each other as well as with the Leavers …whereas a Second Referendum would only ask one question, uniting all the Remainers & their unlimited funds... And for exactly these reasons, the Remainders do not want a general election - but there will be one because the mass of the people now want one to clear up the political mess that has existed in Westminster for the last three years and the Remainers will lose it as these last three years have also highlighted, for the first time in memory, how little the voter actually matters to them – or is represented in Westminister. And for those of you convinced that leaving the EU will lead to poverty & starvation…just consider that the two richest countries in the world are both European – and both have also declined to join the EU…now, there’s a thought for all you Remainers!

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