Thursday, 20 August 2015

The Corbyn effect...!

I'm never going to see Blair, Mandelson, etc...etc... swinging from the lamp posts for the crimes (often in our names) they committed against anything or anyone that would give them an extra shilling - so it's an unalloyed pleasure to see the Labour Party (the Corbyn phenomenon) rising from the ashes they consigned it to when they turned it insideout – from a party that however often it lost its way, had at its
roots, a concern for the 'people' – into a device to enable the Metro Liberal Elite to make millions from every corrupt connection and mad tyrant, while salvaging their 'socialist' conscience with meaningless gesture politics and soporific PC psychobabble - all, of course, in the name of the 'people'!

Now Corbyn* wants to renationalise the railways! The man is obviously insane, wanting to turn what is probably the worst and most expensive railway system on the planet, into something that could only be better! Has he no shame...?
*Corbyn's only obvious political characteristic is coming across as '...a real person' plus his outdated left wing political views – the ones that 'made' this country after the Second World War, into what it is today (although, of course we'd all like to forget this embarrassing detail!).

Sunday, 2 August 2015

The 'swarm' of black immigrants trying to get to the UK...

David Cameron talks about the black migrants 'swarming' through Calais and into the Channel Tunnel as if they were locusts. I've read dozen of articles, watched the news on TV and I can't remember many instances where they've been talked about as people or even why these poor, desperate souls are doing this high risk, dangerous 'swarming' – why they'll hang on under a truck or climb into the unpressurised undercarriage of an aircraft.

Is this because they are virtually invisible as individual human being? If they were dogs or cats or horses, instead of black Africans, there'd be such an outcry, the very walls of Parliament would shake…!