Wednesday, 8 June 2011

It's a funny thing....

Men, the dirty lying bastards are constantly cheating on woman - ask any woman and she'll tell you this - and in more indignant detail than you might think necessary..!

Clearly it can't be a couple slappers in Slough or Wrexham taking care of all the boys, can it? There is the simple logistical problem of travel, for a start - so really it can only be with an equal number of other (local) women - unless the bastard is running two or three; which then neatly upsets the parity, MORE women than men are out there cheating...but of course, the liar isn't letting on about the other woman/women - that's it, they haven't a clue so the girls are all in the clear... Right!

In another and unassociated thought about how the women are far cleverer than men, they can multi-task while displaying a forensic intelligence that makes Sherlock look like the village idiot's dim cousin - while men; don't get me started, most of them find scratching their balls and breathing at the same time, PHD stuff..!

Funny how all these clever women can be taken in, en masse, by such a bunch of knuckle draggers...makes you think (no it doesn't..!)

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