Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...

Went to lunch today at the Club with an old friend, Philip Brody. He'd emailed earlier in the week saying he wanted to treat me. Anne came with her German friend Giseleau - since meeting a few years ago, they've become friends and she's over here for a week to visit Anne.

Giseleau was very happily married when at the age of thirty seven - and with no warning, her husband died. She went into decline but with a son to look after, had to go to work. And she then worked too hard, fourteen hours a day holding two jobs down until she cracked up. She been beset with mental problems ever since - but a nicer woman you would not expect to meet...

Anyway Phillip bought me lunch while I pretended to buy the two women their lunch - Anne idea; she's going to pay me back. And it was okay, three courses for eighteen pounds fifty. It was good and the conversation was pleasant and only Phillip drank a little, a glass or two of wine.

Mike and Kim were at another table out in the garden with a couple of old friends...It started to rain while we were inside at lunch and when it got less heavy, I left and cycled home.

Bought the Sunday Times on the way back and later put my feet up for half an hour after Miffi got back. She'd spent eight hours today with Clive at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital - he's dying of Parkinson's disease...Nothing on television tonight and so that's it - Sunday 5th June 2011 - another fairly featureless day.

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