Thursday, 6 June 2019

The modern soldier is becoming enervated by legal questions...

Soldiers should be guaranteed that they will not face prosecution afterwards for any deaths they are deemed responsible for in war zones.
I say this for two reasons. One, that an internal military court system should deal with all these charges, because, two, any soldier who has this hanging over his head will be unable to properly do his duty as a soldier.  And so he or she is likely to end up dead him or herself, if they first have to first assess that every other individual in a war zone, is a legally defined enemy and not some inappropriate* third-party   He will also be unable to do his/her job, as a soldier, properly - i.e. kill as many of the “enemy” as is possible.

* …without the word ‘inappropriate’, many youngish would-be intellectuals would be unable to effectively rail against us ‘oldie thickos’ whose mantra is, “…context, context, context is (almost) everything”

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