Saturday, 28 May 2016

The EU and the REMAIN campaign...

...about the EU and whether the UK stays In or Out on the 23rd June – and I expect a late majority to emerge for leaving (the old want to leave and they vote – the young want to remain and they often don’t!) - the REMAIN campaign will have a lot to answer for whatever the result! 
Cameron & company have already hidden from the British public, many dictatorial Brussels decisions - such as the EU intentions to form a European army, controlled from Brussels …and recently I was drinking with a Belgium guy who claimed to be a friend of Juncker and he came out with the news that the top people in Brussels are deliberately delaying a secret edict, already made, where the UK would be forced to change over to drive on the right hand side of the road...! He said this was being concealed because it would likely to cause a surge in people voting OUT… and being Brussels, no doubt they would arrange it in stages; cars and motorcycles to change over to the right first – then lorries, buses and vans later…!

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