Monday, 30 May 2016

A Scotsman nearly changed world history...

It’s a little known truth that a Scotsman almost derailed Christianity before it had even got off the ground. God arranged for Jesus to come up before Pontius Pilate accused of sedition and violent insurrection, as the plot required him to be crucified rather than stoned to death - as would have been the case for religious crimes against the Jewish state.
Jesus went along with crucifixion because, as he remarked at the time, ‘…at least the view’s better!’
But Pontius Pilate, after being incessantly harangued by Jesus’s court appointed lawyer, went outside the script and offered Jesus a hundred hours of community service instead, clearing dog shit off the pavement. It took a couple of bolts from the blue to get him to change his mind because, wouldn’t you know, Pontius was a Scotsman from Fortingall in Perthshire…

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