Monday, 19 November 2018

Why Brexit has become a dog's brexit...!

Why is this Brexit deal taking so long that it has now decsended into a shouty, rhetorical debate where all rational, above board sense, seems to have drained away.

Could this impasse be because none of the parties involved, actually want or intend that we should leave the EU?

Our present cabinet, from Mrs May down, almost all voted to Remain - while the politicians from Brussels seem absolutely determined to negotiate such a desperately impossible deal for us, that in the end we just won't want to face it, by leaving the EU - and if we do actually depart, it will be with such a truly terrible arrangement that it will repel any other EU countries from ever trying the same - and why is this?

It's fairly obvious! In most Remainers opinion, here and in Brussels, if the United Kingdom leaves the EU with a half decent deal, this would lead to an almost immediate implosion of the EU as other member states such as the Latin countries (Italy, Spain, Portugal), Greece and some of the Eastern European countries with struggling economies, wanting to follow suit - leading to the EU inevitably ending up as some semi-industrial arrangement probably known as; The North German Federation, something like that - and composed of Germany of course, France, Holland and Belgium, Denmark and maybe Poland - and that would be about it!

And what about Corbyn (our next prime minister!) and the Labour Party? From what I can gather, a majority of Labour MPs also want to Remain, making them not an issue here!  So it comes down to Mrs May and the Tory cabinet, mostly all Remainders at heart, pretending to negotiate our departure from the EU, while decidedly not believing in it - and indirectly assisted by the politicians in Brussels, equally desperate to keep us in the EU, prompted by the very real fear that our departure, with or without a deal, will lead to the end of the EU as they know and exploit!

So there we have it; Mrs May and the close coterie around her, pretending to act in the best interests of the majority, while all the time, under the table, trying to bring about the exact opposite…with the help of the Brussels politicians and bureaucrats, panicking at the prospect of losing power!

So what will the inevitable outcome be? It will be a second referendum - and a third and so on until 'they' get the result they want...and then the people will finally have spoken - in harmony with their secret desires, of course!

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