Monday, 16 February 2015

Where are we going...???

Love her or hate her, Thatcher was who she said she was! There were no shades of ambiguity. Then we got Major, so largely anonymous he's only remembered for screwing that dreadful, noisy woman - what was she called again..?
Then along came Blair, Brown and Cameron - they were/are definitely not what it said on the tin! Blair, leader of the left wing Labour (socialist) party and prime minister, claimed he... 'didn't do god (small g) while secretly a far right Catholic convert, utterly mesmerised by money and millionaires (make that billionaires) - and Brown, who's only apparent motivation was a competitive envy of Blair, as ferocious as George W Bush's for his father (his apparent sole raison d’être for becoming president was to fight a better Gulf War!)
And now Cameron, friend and sycophant of city traders and banker wankers - but for Christ sake, what did you expect? - before politics, he was a PR man in daytime telly..!
So now we have the Crimean Crisis and Putin pulling the strings while useless proto-politicians like Cameron and Hollande, fly about in ever decreasing circles, '...doing something about it!

Thank God (big g) for Missus Mercle - the old Osti who came up the hard way in East Germany - and knows precisely who she is dealing with..!

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