Monday, 7 April 2014

Our (British) future....

This year British politics are on the brink of a huge and now seemingly inevitable sea change that will make the political landscape all but unrecognisable. Two pincers are closing in fast from each side; Scottish Independence, which will become a fact this year - as much from the insanely bad Better Together campaign as anything – and Farage and UKIP on the other wing.

Scottish independence will, at a stroke, remove forty Labour MPs from Westminster, which would suggest a permanent Tory majority – except that Farage and UKIP will at the same time destroy the Tories as an effective mainstream party. They will join Labour and the Lib Dems in the dustbin of history.

There will then follow a decade of bad and volatile coalition governments of all ilks and colours until a new centre party establishes itself in the DK (Disunited Kingdom, England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Cornwall – and they will have left the EU by then as well).

The rotten, seeping core of professional metropolitan politicians that is now thankfully destroying the old party systems (where power is circulated between identical clones born for and to politics) can be traced back to Tony Blair, now a bad joke as an evil comic book villain.

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  1. Then thank god you don't live in Russia.... Anne