Sunday, 23 March 2014


On that day in July 1914, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand's driver turned right instead of keeping straight on. Princip happened to be sitting in Schiller's café consoling himself on having failed to assinate Franz Ferdinand earlier, when to his astonishment, their car drew up a few feet away, the driver had stopped to reverse back onto Canal Street.  

Princip stood up and shot both the Archduke and his wife Sophie...

Princip was a nonentity in a conspiracy of nonentities. The Black Hand (their only distinction, they all had tuberculosis) directly set off a chain of (intended) consequences, the First World War, which led inexorably on to the Second World War and then to the Cold War. 

In other words, that driver's mistaken right turn changed the world forever – and the Marxists claim that individuals and individual events count for nothing in the broad sweep of history...! 

Tosh! - and as they say in Hollywood, there is only one -ism that's any good..!

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