Thursday, 7 November 2013


I used to think that religion was inevitably being swallowed by science - while at the same time, being dissected and exposed as the unfunny joke it is.

But now I'm not so sure.

Although still an unfunny joke, "…did you hear the one about the carpenter's  wife, caught in the family way without help from her husband, who, quick as a flash said that it was God what dunnit. Evidently he'd appeared at the foot of the bed while Joe was off dan the pub, threw off that dirty nightshirt (the one featured in all the pictures) and, "…gave me one while I was in a state of ADVANCED RAPTURE!".

But now it said that science follows quite naturally, even seamlessly, on from religion - the child being father of the man! This would be the case if, as they now think, the laws of physics are not set in granite, as always supposed - but instead change remorselessly with time.
Two things immediately come to mind; all that nonsense with the Red Sea parting so conveniently for the fleeing Israelites - and then later on, His Boy coming back off the canvas after three days, if not theoretically possible, still can now no longer be dismissed out of disdainful hand - and so assuming that history can now repeat itself, then the knuckledraggers have an convenient argument, now blessed by science, to avoid taking responsibility for their actions…

…so no change there.

Of course this insults the very scientific methods that arrived at this incredible (from where I'm standing) conclusion - by suggesting that any old fantasy is now valid as scientific method also no longer needs internal coherence (at the very least)….

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