Friday, 25 October 2013


I swim nearly every day (except Sundays). I went swimming as usual today and then, while changing, the thought came, 'Why don't I try the sauna..?'

So I had my shower as usual, but went into the sauna instead and sat down.

It wasn't very interesting, just a bench, a bucket of water and me with a ladle occasional scattering water onto a little pile of stones in the middle of the sauna's heater. I only stayed about ten minutes. 

But when I got to the pool, I was amazed at how different I now felt. First, the pool water, usually very cold, felt good and then, when I started swimming, I was so relaxed, both physically and mentally, to begin with, I could only paddle along even slower than usual.

It was a rejuvenating experience - I could get more flowery, but will just say it was a game changing experience for me because, for the rest of the day, I felt both unusually fit and quite elated by it all.

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