Thursday, 6 September 2012

It could have gone either way..?

I've been drinking for sixty odd years – and stopping for sixty odd years and now need to stop, but the sums could go either way.

What I mean is there’s a case for both, but to demonstrate it, don't want to have to pile piles of reminiscences on reminiscences because a) they’re hard to remember and…  b) they're hard to remember (have I said that..?)

Anyway, finally, finally did the sums and although the count was close, the figure didn't lie and I had to give up the booze..!

And then they brought out wine bottles with screwon tops - NO NEED FOR CORKSCREWS, JUST WIND IT OFF - SO NO CONTEST...

So now back on it again, thank god...Yes, yes, I won't forget. I'll do it tomorrow, first thing, I promise...!

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