Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Time to go to the barricades...

From Blair, so pathetically in thrall to a near moronic American president that he could follow him to war, while showing breathtaking contempt for the rest of us. We were dust beneath their wheels. So contemptious, they lifted their main argument for the war, the 45 minute claim, from a students blog while ignoring the biggest protest in British history, when over a million people turned out in London against it. This contemp seeps down from the top to be found in the detail of public life. Take the obscure case of Jeremy Bamber who has now served 25 years for murders the police framed him for...it was common knowledge, the prevasive rot is everywhere.

The political classes behave with complete impunity (Mandelson's history of bribe taking for e.g.) while the only people who go to prison are the whistle blowers. Our useless, corrupt police and public services only excel in excuses - while no one else in our rotten governing elite are ever culpable or arraigned - except maybe before John Humphries or Jeremy Paxman.

Awful as the idea is - we badly need a second Committee of Public Safety...

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