Monday, 7 December 2009

Watching Hazel Blears on TV tonight...

A ruthlessly ambitions politician, her whole persona was class politics. She was the local girl, up from the streets of Salford and whose only waking thought was for the good of her constituents (one of the poorest area of the country) - but not quite true! She took enough time off to 'flip' her homes to avoid taxes, something that would have been illegal in anyone but a Westminster politician because....guess what, they had made special laws for themselves.

Now some of her constituents are trying to deselect her - while she is making every effort to keep her seat. How is she doing this..? By holding small closed meeting, closed to the press and the TV reporters and closed to anyone who is unlikely to support her, while in the necessary fast trot to her car before and afterwards, refuses to answer any questions from behind a eerily animated smile that hovers close to a smirk.

She will probably make it back after the next election as the only thing likely to bring her down would be another Labour candidate splitting her vote and letting one of the other main parties in - Liberal maybe..!

But that isn't the point, the point is this general and now pervasive mistrust has caused a widespread apathy from the public conviction that nothing will change because nothing can change with a political elite who will continue working the system for themselves and themselves alone. And what will happen then..? Somewhere in some unlikely backwater a young Adolf will be sharpening his deadly skills, some poisoness, lethal demagogue will be limbering up...

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