Monday, 21 December 2009

Prince Charles – dontcha love him..?

I was going to write about Prince Charles but before I could line up even a couple of thoughts, I was overtaken by the strangest ennui and I completely lost what I was going to write, so instead I'll resurrect the old old joke about an ancestor of his. It was a Punch cartoon, I think, where a little girl, indicating an earlier and equally pointless Royal figure, asks her mother, ‘What’s that man for..?’

Well I suppose prince Charles could be a joke except he is not in the slightest funny - and like most people without a sense of humour, he shows it by laying claim to the Goons, an ancient radio which, funny in its day, now make people cringe - but not as much as he does...!

He is shallow, dim and unbearably pompous - nothing much more to be said except that he is very unlikely to become king – somehow the succession will take a diversion around a bypass to his only son, William, again demonstrating the Hanoverian dynasties only real talent, for survival.

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